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Kilomodo partners with SMACK! Media on social media workout tracking platform

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Kilomodo, an online fitness tracking system has selected SMACK! Media to help plan and implement a strategic public relations and digital strategy plan, for the launch of its community-focused workout tracking platform. The data driven application ‘includes many of the aptitudes of today’s most popular performance tracking systems, but offers a social aspect that has yet to be seen yet amongst common workout apps.’

The Kilomodo vision is to create the most comprehensive, full-featured, data-driven, social experience for the functional fitness community. This involves implementing ‘a place where individual athletes, as well as gym owners and coaches, can come together and share their fitness experiences.’

For athletes, Kilomodo provides a system that will keep them motivated and help develop beneficial habits of tracking progress towards training goals. For coaches, Kilomodo provides a format to build, manage and review the results of training programs they develop for their athletes, and an available platform to respond and recognize athlete accomplishments. For the community, Kilomodo keeps every athlete and coach connected regardless of where they live in the world or what time they workout.

During the beta testing phase, Kilomodo built a database of over 2,500 pre-programmed movements ranging from body weight movements such as squats, push-ups and sit-ups, to Olympic lifts, free weights and complex movements. These have been made available in order to create a user-friendly data recording experience. Additionally, there are over 18,000 pre-programmed workouts to choose from, including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), workouts for time, workouts for maximum repetitions and strength building.

As a differentiator, Kilomodo technology auto detects repeated workouts to track performance changes, and issues PRs when previous bests are improved. Recently it introduced Trainer notes, which are private to account owners and Trainer admins that include capabilities such as hyperlinks to external content, embedded video, embedded images, and an account library to preserve the content.

The application aims to do all the heavy lifting of tracking workout input and data results, so that each athlete can focus on his or her next challenge. This aligns with Kilomodo’s goal to enhance the mundane fitness tracking routine, to ‘Lift The Experience’ as its motto states, with social inclusion. Additionally, the capability to view strengths and weaknesses through personal data and results is seen as a key way to efficiently enhance training programs and achieve desired results.

“Now that the Kilomodo team has brought their product to market, we invited SMACK! Media to partner with us, as they share our passion for being committed to both career and fitness goals,” said Steffen Beach, Co-Founder and CEO of Kilomodo. “I met Elisette (Eli) Carlson about a year ago when we were in early stages, and she and her team were very intrigued, and more important, helpful when I reconnected to explore feedback on our platform, data, differentiation and general marketing and PR strategy.

“We look forward to growing together as we build our community of athletes across all sports and ability levels.”

The Kilomodo fitness tracking platform is available online at iam.kilomodo.com/signup or through its app that can be found in the Apple store. The Basic Account option is free for all users, with upgrades are available as well.




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