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AeroCat releases new R350 road bike


AeroCat LLC, an Indiana-based high performance bicycle manufacturer, has confirmed the availability of its new R350 road bike. The AeroCat R350 features an aluminium alloy frame construction with traditional tube shapes, giving it a classic look and feel. The R350 is immediately available in three different standard complete bike configurations and can also be customized to meet customers’ specific performance versus budget requirements.

The R350 utilizes AeroCat’s Fusion Alloy frame design and manufacturing process. “This bike really exceeded our expectations,” said AeroCat President Dave Poole. “We were going after a classic look and feel with the right combination of geometry, tube shapes, and material selection. The bike handles very well and has a smoother feel than most traditional aluminium alloy frames. We extended the frame size offering down to a smaller 48 size to accommodate smaller riders and excelling juniors. The pearl white and deep blue paint gives it a fresh looking graphic design that fits in well with our brand family.”

AeroCat’s R350 is available with three standard complete bike configurations that include either a Shimano 105 build, SRAM Rival build, or a Shimano Ultegra SL build. Standard configurations come with a high performance alloy handlebar, stem, and carbon seat post. The custom fork features a carbon fibre construction with an aluminium alloy steer tube.



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