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Amer Sports hangs on to Mavic


Despite confirmation that the Mavic business was up for sale, Amer Sports has decided to focus its efforts on its cycling business and retain Mavic – the French manufacturer of wheel-sets, rims, components and cycle computers.

In a stock exchange release, Amer Sports noted that during the last few months the company ‘evaluated several different options and has now reached the conclusion that a divestment of this business would not be in the shareholders best interest.’ Instead Amer Sports will concentrate its efforts on further developing its cycling business.

Amer Sports originally announced on 1 September 2009, that it was exploring strategic alternatives in respect of its cycling business Mavic and that this review could result in a divestiture.

At this time, Amer confirmed that it ‘aims to focus its business portfolio more towards categories where it believes it has the best long-term opportunities and where the best group-wide synergies can be achieved.’

Integrating Mavic may prove challenging as Amer’s other sporting brands – Salomon, Wilson, Precor, Atomic, Suunto and Arc’teryx – are better integrated and offer better supply chain efficiencies.



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