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Aqua Sphere Ironman wetsuit has new sponsored athletes


The Ironman and Aqua Sphere collaboration to produce new Ironman wetsuits ‘powered by Aqua Sphere technology’ has attracted new sponsored athletes. Terenzo Bozzone, the Foster Grant Ironman 70.3 world champion, and Ironman France champions Marcel Zamora and Alexandra Louison have signed up to use the new Ironman wetsuits.

Further cementing Aqua Sphere’s engagement with the triathlon community, the company has expanded its athlete roster to include Team Timex. Proclaimed as ‘rock stars of the triathlon world’, the Timex Multisport Team is comprised of 45 athletes from around the globe, both professional and amateur.

A leading operator in the high-end swim products category, Aqua Sphere supports athletes with its wetsuits and eyewear. Aqua Sphere’s popular Seal and Vista swimming masks and Kaiman goggles have long adorned some of the sport’s most prominent faces. The company gained most renown when it became the sole sponsor of Christof Wandratsch, the former Ironman Swim World Record Holder, and Faris Al Sultan, the 2005 Ford Ironman World Champion two years ago.

“For a while we were known simply as the ‘goggle gurus’ within triathlon circles,” said Oliver Laguette, Director of Marketing for Aqua Sphere. “But now we are recognized by triathletes as the premier providers of high-quality and innovative swim gear, designed specifically for triathletes.”

According to, Terenzo Bozzone, the new Ironman – Aqua Sphere powered wetsuit allowed him to swim “the fastest I have ever swam.” He added that “Triathlon is about staying current with innovations. I choose to compete with Aqua Sphere because its products give me the best opportunity to win.”



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