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Ironguides dissolves partnership with TeamTBB triathlon team

Triathlon coaching and ‘lifestyle facilitation company’, ironguides, has announced the dissolution of its partnership with professional triathlon team, Team TBB, which was originally unveiled in July 2008.

According to a release from ironguides: ‘After a half year of many attempts to come to a common vision and equal partner status with Team TBB’s management, including cross-ownership, knowledge sharing and an integrated business relationship, both parties came to the conclusion in late 2008 that all options had been tried to no avail.’

In a forthright release from ironguides, Head Coach Marc Becker added, "Despite our many attempts and heavy investment of effort to come to a mutually acceptable agreement with Team TBB, and coming at a time of great personal turmoil, ironguides has firmly established that we have extremely divergent interests and perspectives from Team TBB’s managers on matters ranging from a general view on the sport of triathlon, triathlon coaching philosophies and training techniques, and the underlying business fundamentals, principles and practical arrangements required to come to a full, true and equal partnership. The talks that led to our original cross-ownership and partnership agreement were made with great optimism and high hopes on both sides. But we have to confront the reality that our differences are too great to enable a mutually beneficial partnership."

"Having worked with Team TBB’s Head Coach Brett Sutton since 2002 and having made the initial introduction between Brett and Team TBB’s Managing Director Alex Bok due to the clear match I saw at that time between Brett’s deeds and accomplishments and Alex’s dream, I had high hopes that ironguides and Team TBB were a perfect match when we announced our partnership in July 2008. Our attempt at partnership came at a time of personal difficulties for myself, which Team TBB’s managers worked hard to accommodate into their needs and situation. During this time ironguides and Team TBB made every effort to come to an agreement but there were simply too many discrepancies in our respective philosophies and vision to enable any effective collaboration," explained Becker.

Of particular importance to ironguides is the divergence between the athlete communities served by ironguides and Team TBB. ironguides focuses its efforts on the needs of age group triathletes while Team TBB is focused on developing budding elite-level triathlon talent into full-time, elite performers earning their living as true professional athletes. ironguides felt that its athletes have very different needs, coaching styles and sometimes training approaches.

Head Coach Becker concluded, "We have greatly appreciated the exchange of information in both directions with Brett in the past seven years and wish he and Team TBB the very best in their vision and goals. We have a different path to follow than that of Team TBB, and we believe it is in our best interests to choose an independent path."

The dissolution of this partnership frees ironguides to work more closely with media, event and industry partners of its own choosing, in carefully considered locations around the world.



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