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New USA Triathlon logo for a new decade


USA Triathlon (USAT) has created a new logo, which will be unveiled throughout 2010. One reason for the redesign, according to USAT’s Manager of Creative Services Chris Didario, is to help better drive brand awareness and visibility for the organisation’s core disciplines.

"We are more than just triathlon," said Didaro, the creator of the updated logo. "We are a community that embraces duathlon, winter triathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and off-road duathlon and triathlon, so our primary mark must allow us to move between these disciplines depending on the situation. The USAT logo lacked the red, white, and blue stars and stripes that are so emblematic of what we represent in the domestic and international markets as a national governing body."

The updated look will be instituted as the official USA Triathlon logo starting on 1 January 2010.

USA Triathlon’s constituent groups will see the new logo on the usatriathlon.org website, in publications such as USA Triathlon Life magazine and the USA Triathlon Multisport Zone, on merchandise, at USAT national championships and on membership materials.

"When we reviewed the current logo, there were two issues that prompted us to look at alternative designs," said USA Triathlon CEO Skip Gilbert. "First, the focal point of the mark was on an acronym, not our full name. While all of us on the inside refer to USA Triathlon as USAT, those unfamiliar with us don’t. Second, it is redundant with USAT on the top and USA Triathlon below. So our effort to streamline the logo brings USA Triathlon to the forefront, allows us to easily change to the other vital disciplines within the multisport lifestyle and includes a nationalistic element to support the focus of some of our members in international competitions."

Updated logo usage standards will be posted on the usatriathlon.org logo page after 1 January 2010.



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