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Rocket Skin swim suit rolls out from Rocket Science Sports

Having released its Rocket Skin, full length, long sleeved swim skin in time for the Ironman world championships in Kona, in October, Rocket Science Sports (RSS) is now gearing up distribution of the USA Triathlon (USAT) and FINA approved swim suit.

The Rocket Skin swim skin utilises 360 Stretch Fabric at only 140g of weight, Hydrofoil waterproof zippers and Vortex technology. The Rocket Skin is made of a flexible blend of chloroprene, nylon and polyurethane to block the penetration of water. According to RSS, the suit is not only the fastest in the world but the lightest suit ever manufactured. Through extensive research, the company has developed an exclusive stay-dry chamois that offers comfort, flexibility and shock absorption.

Due to the full length of the arms and legs with the special low drag coating, RSS claims that the Rocket Skin reduces drag by 40% over sleeveless designs. Additionally, RSS had the Rocket Skin approved by USAT for use in non-wetsuit legal competitions. “I knew that because this product looks just like a full wetsuit that there might be confusion and questions at non-wetsuit legal races,” commented Marcin Sochacki, designer and founder of Rocket Science Sports.

“To avoid potential issues we worked with USAT to put a label on the chest which indicates official approval by them for use in non-wetsuit legal competition.” Marcin also commented, “Our underlying fabric is very different from anything else ever used in swim skin designs, making it stretch 30% more than what is currently on the market which means it can fit like a second skin but have no restrictions of movement.”

Rocket Science Sports designs and sells a range of triathlon sporting wear and multi-sport accessories. FINA, the world governing body for competitive swimming, approved the sleek, super-stretchy Rocket Skin for competition in September. RSS claims that the long sleeved Rocket Skin is even faster than Speedo’s LZR skin suit.



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