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Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap watch winds up for February 2010 sales push


On show at the Timex exhibit booth, and worn by the members of the official Pace Team, at last month’s New York Marathon – Timex is rolling out its new Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap watch in February 2010.

The Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap watch, with TapScreen Technology, will be available for purchase at sports stores around the world and at TimexIronman.com in February 2010, for around US$89.95 (€62.00), with local country price points set by retailers and distributors.

In the UK, the product can currently be found at specialist retailer Up & Running, as well as at timex.co.uk and a handful of other specialist running stores. The watch shall be available widely across the UK from February 2010.

In Canada, the Timex Ironman Sleek launched exclusively at Running Room stores in October 2009. It will be fully available at most sports and running stores, as well as www.timex.ca, in February 2010.

According to Heberto Calves, Vice President of Marketing at Timex, “The Timex Ironman Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen Technology redefines how athletes interact with their timepieces in training and competition. The collection’s innovative features allow athletes to stay focused on performance while still taking laps and receiving feedback on pace.”

The new Timex Ironman 150 Lap Tap watch range is positioned as an exciting blend of style and substance that makes it simpler than ever to record and review valuable performance information. The watch is available in seven styles, and boasts the following features and benefits:

• TapScreen Technology, ‘offering effortless access to advanced lap features’
• Target Time Pacer, delivering distinct audible alerts and advising of pace
• 16 labelled Interval timers
• Lap management system, providing in-depth access to 150 laps of dated workouts
• Hydration and nutrition alarms, reminding the user to refuel at regular intervals
• 100-hour chronograph
• 24-hour countdown timer
• Three customizable alarms with five-minute back-up alarm
• Dual time zone abilities for travel convenience
• Water-resistant to 100 metres
• Indiglo night-light with Night-Mode feature
• Oversized display
• ‘Breathable design’



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