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TYR introduces Sayonara triathlon swimskin with patented Yamamoto technology


TYR Sport Inc has introduced Sayonara as the first high performance swimskin to incorporate the premier Yamamoto Biorubber Swim Mark III fabric. Sayonara is the latest in TYR’s Tracer technology portfolio and was specifically designed for multi-sport athletes as a swimskin for non-wetsuit competitions.

Sayonara is made with a limestone-based outer surface and a micro-honeycomb structure that yields a claimed sleek drag coefficient of 0.021. According to TYR, this is identical to that of an F-4 Phantom jet and a 34% improvement over previous versions of the Yamamoto super-composite skin (SCS). It utilises an elastic knit construction that provides flexibility and balance to evenly support the swimmer’s body in all directions. The surface of the outer layer bonds with hydrogen molecules, creating a ball-bearing effect as the suit glides through water.

The engineering has been intuitively developed for triathletes and features zoned ventilation panels on the legs and rear to offer advanced cooling properties and comfort. Its durable coiled zipper with a reinforced velcro closure ensures a secure fit for the duration of the swim and the extended pull cord allows swimmers to quickly remove Sayonara during the immediacy of a transition.

The design features four-way flat lock seaming, so that the fabric moves in unison with the athlete for the greatest range of motion. Measuring a scant 0.3 millimetres in thickness, Sayonara is lightweight, quick-drying, highly durable and abrasion resistant.

“As the sport of triathlon continues its strong growth, TYR remains committed to providing athletes with the most advanced technology available,” said Ryan Dolan, National Sales Manager at TYR. “Being the first-to-market with this fabric, and working diligently towards innovation, we have reinforced our position as true specialists in our field.”

Made with a flexible titanium alloy to provide thermoregulation, Sayonara delivers an equivalent strength-to-weight ratio that allows the material to contour to the natural shape of the swimmer’s body for ease of movement. The swimskin also features a single-knit micro fine yarn that is lightweight and hydrophobic, with a soft hand and scant absorption ratio of 0.5%.

A strategically placed internal core control panel helps keep the swimmer in an optimal position throughout a race for maximum stroke efficiency.

TYR’s elite athletes will be competing in Sayonara during the 2009 racing season. Among them is two-time defending Ironman world champion, Chrissie Wellington, and 70.3 Ironman world champion Andy Potts who set the professional men’s swim course record at the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater and was the top American finisher at the 2008 Kona Ironman World Championship.



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