EUROBIKE: awards 2010

The international bicycle industry showed itself to be a truly ‘innovative business’ in the 2010 EUROBIKE AWARD presentations.

Of the total 565 entries submitted from 30 countries (417 products and 148 student entries), a jury of experts selected 92 products as winners of the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010. The twelve most innovative entries were honoured with a Gold award on the first day of the EUROBIKE Show in Friedrichshafen (1-4 September).

The international EUROBIKE Award recorded a definite increase in submissions once again this year. Taking the total of 565 registered entries, the EUROBIKE AWARD 2010 grew by an impressive 41%, up from 359 products and 41 student concepts submitted in 2009. It’s particularly encouraging that the award is now receiving more attention on an international scale – entries were submitted from 30 countries (compared to 25 countries in 2009).

In order to deal with the large number of student concepts entered, two additional jury members were nominated to reinforce the team. It was their job to find the most innovative student submissions.

The jury of experts was made up of: Olaf Beck (Mountain BIKE / motorpresse Stuttgart), Axel B

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