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German triathlete Maik Petzold adds voice to Dextro Energy


Maik Petzold is the new spokesperson for Dextro Energy – as the German elite triathlete and the international energy nutrition company assumed a partnership to promote the new Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition range.

According to Petzold, "The products effectively supported me in the preparation for this year’s triathlon season. I particularly like their good taste and convenience features. They are specifically tailored to an athlete’s needs and represent my ideas of sensible sports nutrition for endurance athletes of all kinds."

The new Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition range consists of Carbo Mineral Drinks, Carbohydrate Bars, Liquid Gels and Dextrose Tablets, which are available in several flavours.

Dextro Energy has been a committed sponsor of major sporting events for a number of years and accompanies a number of top athletes on their paths to success.

In assuming sponsorship of the Hamburg City Man in 2008, one of the largest triathlon events worldwide, Dextro Energy began a deliberate expansion of its sponsorship commitments to include triathlons.

The company continued these efforts in 2009 and 2010 as the title and main sponsor of the ITU Triathlon World Championship Series, the ‘Dextro Energy Triathlon’.



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