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Ironman not liable for death in Florida


A federal appeals court has upheld a jury’s verdict that the organisers of Ironman Florida 2006 were not responsible for the death of a 35 year old Montana man who collapsed during the race and later died.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta issued a ruling affirming the jury’s original verdict in the case of Barney Rice, who suffered a heart attack on the swim leg of Ironman Florida in November 2006.

Rice’s family sued the race organisers for wrongful death, saying they didn’t follow their own safety protocols.

Ironman brand owner World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), became a defendant through its acquisition of Ironman Florida from North America Sports in January 2009.

The original wrongful death case was brought against North America Sports and WTC, alleging negligence due to a claimed slow response and inadequately trained medical personnel.

But an eight-person jury ruled against Rice’s family in July 2009, and the appeals court has now said it found no reason to overturn the ruling.



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