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Kinetica sports supplements hit the UK in 2011


New sports supplement brand Kinetica will launch in the UK in January 2011. Kinetica, which rolled out in Ireland in October 2009, is a leading sports nutrition brand offering athletes a range of products to suit their sporting needs.

Designed by experts, for amateur to professional athletes, Kinetica has engineered a full range of ‘great tasting sports nutritional supplements, made with 100% natural protein and flavours.’ The range includes whey protein for lean muscle gain, and post-work out recovery products.

Whether you’re a rugby player, cyclist, triathlete or fitness enthusiast, Kinetica has developed a range of protein based supplements, to ensure high performance, stamina and muscle repair.

Each product – from whey protein shakes to nutritional bars and capsules – is made up from natural ingredients, sourced and produced in Ireland. According to Kinetica, they’re 100% traceable from cow to can!

Kinetica spokesperson John Keys said, “Many people think sports supplements are for body builders and not for them, but in fact, all sports enthusiasts can benefit from Kinetica’s new range. Already it’s been a huge success in Ireland and we’re excited to now expand to the UK.”

To develop premium quality protein based supplements, the range has been developed by a team of sport nutrition experts, including Matt Lovell, nutritional advisor to the England Rugby team and the UK Athletics squad for the 2012 Olympics.

What’s more, Kinetica’s exclusive flavour lab has a scientific flavour team of professionals ‘dedicated to creating and developing new delicious flavours, which are raising the bar in the sports protein market.’

Kinetica is part of Irish dairy manufacturer the Carbery Group, producer of the famous Dubliner cheese brand. Carbery also owns innovative flavour house, Synergy, based in High Wycombe, UK. All whey protein used in Kinetica products is sourced from Irish dairy farms.

According to the company, Kinetica’s products dispel the myth that protein supplements should taste bitter. ‘From creamy chocolate to zesty orange & mango, Kinetica offer great tastes to any workout!’




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