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Matty Reed signs up with Oval Concepts to bolster his Fuji steed


Having recently joined the Advanced Sports Inc (ASI) family and joined bike brands such as Fuji and Kestrel, Oval Concepts has now signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with US Olympic triathlete Matty Reed. The deal covers Reed’s use of Oval Concepts handlebars, seat posts and stems, which shall complement Reed’s bike of choice, the Fuji D-6.

“Signing Matty Reed is a great step for Oval Concepts,” said company Brand Manager Steven Harad. “Matty has provided input on the Fuji products and I look forward to his feedback on the Oval products. We hope to get him into the wind tunnel for product development testing in 2010.”

Reed will kick-start his 2010 season at the Miami International Triathlon and said, “I’ve enjoy working with the ASI family – quality people and quality products. I am excited to debut the 901 Laminar Bars this spring.

“Oval Concepts is advanced technology for cycling. They make products that really do help athletes fit better and get more comfortable,” added Reed. “Products such as bars and stems can make all the difference in racing. Being comfortable is key in going fast and utilising your power.”



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