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Nike Grid: London is a gameboard


Nike Grid goes live today, Friday 22 October, at 18:00 UK time (GMT). The online event involves 48 postcodes across London: 12 North, 12 South, 12 East and 12 West.

Step 1 – get running
According to Nike, ‘No walking. No getting the bus. Cheat and you’ll lose points.’

Step 2 – run between phone boxes
‘There are Grid phone boxes in every postcode. Find one. Dial 08000 141312 and enter your unique gamecode to start a run.’

Competitors will not be charged for the call. You will be asked to confirm your date of birth and enter your unique game code. Wait for confirmation that your details have been logged. Then hang up and get running.

Step 3 – start and end in the same postcode
‘Get to another Grid phone box and dial in to end your run. EC1 to EC1 counts. EC1 to EC2 doesn’t count.’

Step 4 – run your city
‘Score the most points in a post code to own it. But you don’t just have to run solo. Play for a team. Play for a uni. Play for your region. Every time you score points, they score too.’

Step 5 – earn badges and score more
‘All runs score 10 points. More runs, more points. Earn badges to score extra points. The more ways you run, the more badges you can earn.’

Runners can check their run log on their Nike Grid profile page. For those who win a badge or break a record, a post will also be made to their Facebook profile. Users can edit how to receive notifications and publish achievements in their settings page.

At the time of writing there were: 2211 players and 256 teams… and rising… about to hit the streets of London with Nike Grid.



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