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Official launch of Polar – LOOK Kéo Power Pedals


On show at Interbike, Kéo Power pedals from Polar and LOOK are having an official unveiling and show-and-tell for the bike trade. This is ahead of the Polar LOOK Kéo Power system becoming fully available in spring 2011.

Polar and LOOK have merged their expertise to introduce the first clipless pedal that measures power output and cadence. According to the companies, ‘Kéo Power is a must-have innovation for ambitious cyclists who want to reach their maximum potential.’

Polar P5 power transmitters and Look Kéo Power pedals comprise together the first-ever power measurement system integrated in the pedals. ‘Easy to attach to cranks and switch between the bikes, each pedal comes with eight embedded gauges for extreme precision in power measurement.’

The two power transmitters relay the data from the sensors directly to a compatible Polar cycling computer on the bike’s handlebars.

Kéo Power gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts from both the left and the right pedal separately. By revealing the cyclist’s left/right balance between the legs, the system helps perfect cycling technique. In addition, current and average cadence is essential for those willing to optimize their cycling economy.

The system is compatible with Polar CS600X and CS500 cycling computers and works with any crankset on the market. The CS500 displays power output and cadence, whereas the CS600X reveals the left/right balance and Cycling Efficiency Index as well.



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