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Puma needs sustainable suppliers


Sports lifestyle focused company Puma has hit the ground running in the drive to sustainability. The company is focusing on the environment, social sustainability and transparency at its suppliers’ factories.

Puma recently decided to forgo the traditional shoebox for a reusable bag. The company also announced at the recent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Global Conference in Amsterdam that it would be taking more initiative in enhancing transparency and improving worker’s conditions at its suppliers’ factories.

“Supply chain sustainability reporting is a key part of Puma’s overall sustainability strategy,” said Dr Reiner Hengstmann, Puma’s Global Head of Social and Environmental Affairs. “Without sustainable suppliers, we will not be able to produce sustainable products or credibly report about Puma’s own sustainability initiatives."

Puma has therefore decided to hold itself accountable in all aspects of production. The company has designated 20 of its supply partners to submit environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports. These reports will reveal how well the company is doing in all of these areas and where they can improve.



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