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Star Coaching from TriStar

Having recently moved into event travel with Star Events Travel, Star Production SARL (the owner of the TriStar triathlon series), has expanded into online coaching services.

Former professional Triathlete Mario Huys has created Star-Coaching.cc, a new online-training platform, in collaboration with Star Production.

The new Star Coaching service ‘works with high-class coaches to give the best and provide hand-built training schedules for every individual athlete who wishes to get a high level of information, service and lifestyle through a visual and easy-to-use system.’

Commenting on the service, Huys, who hold a master degree in sports science, said “The mission of Star Coaching is to enrich the lives of motivated individuals who strive for a personal growth and development through the delivery of personalized coaching that creates fitness, performance and inspiration.”

Star Coaching is adapted for sportsmen and women who engage in triathlon, endurance and multisport events. The portfolio of offered service includes training programs, training camps, ‘train with stars’ days, racing, cycling tours, workshops, community events and projects for children.

Star Coaching also provides nutritional and health advice from the inhouse-expert Meinhard Vintler, as well as Manuel Wyss, a professional triathlete and coach focused on swimming and running and who is developing swim and run workshops for Star Coaching.