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Suunto’s got the moves


To mark its co-operation with the ITU (International Triathlon Union), Suunto, has introduced its Winning Triathlon Moves special collection – the Suunto t6d Black Flame and the Suunto t3d Black Move heart rate monitors. The devices feature the tried and tested features of their forerunners the Suunto t3c and Suunto t6c topped up with Suunto Dual Comfort Belt.

Suunto t6d Black Flame and t3d Black Move will be available in late April.

According to the company, the Suunto t6d Black Flame is ‘like a real sports laboratory on the wrist for athletes with a professional attitude’. It measures the time interval between heartbeats and its variations to calculate seven different body parameters. By utilising the upcoming www.movescount.com, a new online sports community Suunto currently has in development, an athlete can interpret this data to achieve a deeper analysis of their training sessions.

The Suunto t6d Black Flame shows many of the body measurement results directly on the display. For example, Training Effect (the aerobic benefit of a training session on a one-to-five scale), EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), and calories burned can all be seen at a glance. The user can also freely customise the display and choose which data they need most for their current training programme.

The sport-specific Suunto PODs – Suunto Foot POD, Suunto Bike POD, Suunto GPS POD and Suunto Cadence POD – also enable speed and distance data to be shown on the display of the wrist device.

For active sports participants and sports enthusiasts, the Suunto t3d Black Move offers the opportunity to train more effectively and get real results by, for example, featuring the real-time training effect display. The Training Effect (TE) value notes not only heart rate but also heart rate variation and so provides reliable information on workout intensity and its effect on fitness. Monitoring the TE value also reduces the risk of overtraining.

“I love the versatility of Suunto heart rate monitors”, said Jan Frodeno, Germany’s Beijing Triathlon 2008 Olympic winner. “I can use one monitor for all the sports I practice and combine it with any Suunto speed and distance POD. With my Suunto heart rate monitor, I can quickly and easily get the vital information I need to help me train right direct from my wrist – and get the most out of every session.”

For 2010, Suunto continues as the official timing and data partner for the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championships Series. As in 2009, Suunto will once again be providing in depth information right from the heart of the race. To get into action, athletes’ speed and distance information – made possible by Suunto and using GPS technology – will be broadcast live on TV feeds and streamed via the triathlon.org website.

Viewers will be able to see exactly how fast the athletes are moving and their precise location on the race course. Suunto additionally provides a real-time heart rate service, official race timing and splits for the entire World Championships season.

Following a recent kick off of the series in Sydney on 11 April, the series moves to Seoul on 8 May and Madrid on 5 June. After the short break, the series continues in Hamburg on 17 July, London on 24 July and Kitzb


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