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TYR reveals its designs on the 2010 swim season

Targeting the 2010 US national and international swim competition season, TYR Sport Inc has introduced its newest designs in the Tracer High-Performance Line of technical swimsuits: the Tracer B-Series and C-Series. Approved by the international governing body of aquatic sports, FINA, the two additions will be available for retail early in February 2010. Information on all suits is available at www.tyr.com/tracer.

“We were happy to work very closely with FINA to ensure that the Tracer High-Performance line was compliant within their guidelines while still allowing us to introduce some truly innovative technology,” said Team and Promotions Director Matt Zimmer.

The Tracer High-Performance Line, including the Tracer Light already on the market, is the company’s premier line of competitive suits for swim race day. Featuring lightweight, hydrophobic, and quick-drying fabric, the new B-Series and C-Series present designs specific to contours of the body.

Both additions to the Tracer line are offered in a Racer and Jammer for men, and in an Aeroback and Aeroback Shortjohn for females.




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