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UK’s Fitsense embraces Timex triathlon touch screen watch


Fitsense Sports has quickly obtained the Timex Ironman Triathlon Sleek 150 Lap Tap Screen Sports Watch and is now offering this new fitness accessory on its website.

Unveiled at the end of 2009, world renowned watch brand Timex is now rolling out the new touch-screen sports watch – positioned as being ideal for triathletes, marathon runners, track runners and endurance athletes.

Fitsense Sports is a UK specialist in sporting equipment and accessories, including heart rate monitors and GPS watches from world leading brands and manufacturers. According to the company, its e-commerce website has grown to become one of the most popular shopping sites for health and fitness enthusiasts and athletes across the UK.

The addition of the new Timex Ironman Triathlon product has been highly anticipated and will add to the collection of high performance products at Fitsense, including brands such as Garmin, Cardiosport, Polar, Speedo, Hunter, Sci-MX, Luminox and Oregon Scientific.

The new Timex watch boasts new touch screen technology, a date training log facility, lap management system, hydration indicators and a new sleek shell.




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