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New Cervélo S5 aero road bike


Having carved out a role as a pioneer in aero road bike design since 1996, Cervélo has continued to establish ‘thought leadership with this newest generation of aero road bike design.’ According to the company, the new Cervélo S5 has extended innovations in aerodynamic triathlon and road bikes to deliver the ultimate road bike.

The new Cervélo S5 is scheduled to hit bike shops on Friday 1 July, just before the start of the 2011 Tour de France on 2 July.

Aerodynamics have always been important for speed. The better the aerodynamics, the lower the drag, the faster a rider can go. As Cervélo points out, the faster you can go without any wasted energy, the more comfortable you are.

The Cervélo S5 aero design reduces aero drag, and combines lateral and torsional stiffness. Technologies include:

  • Dropped downtube – to smooth airflow from fork to frame
  • Built for bottles – from a traditional bottle set-up to aero maximised positioning
  • Extended cut-out – to smooth airflow from frame to wheel
  • Shielding stays – to shield the brake and smooth airflow
  • BBright – the only Bottom Bracket standard that uses an oversize 30mm axle and allows for oversized frame tubes (up to 16% wider than standard bottom brackets). It offers the optimal combination of stiffness and weight for the overall system (crankset and frame together)

A complete Cervélo S5 bike is expected to start at US$3800, with high-spec/pro-level models expected to be priced in the region of US$10,000.



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