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Trigger Point Performance new product launches at Interbike 2011


Trigger Point Performance – a world leader in self-therapy and life-enhancement tools for the endurance, personal training and sports realm – will officially launch its new TP Performance Cooling line this week at Interbike 2011, booth #4109.

The line features a patented core cooling device called the BEX Runner, which was originally developed by Cool Palms LLC – an Austin-based company that Trigger Point Performance acquired in August.

Currently used by a number of the world’s best endurance athletes, the BEX Runner is a 3oz, durable, reusable cool-gel-pack that form-fits to the palm of the hand; and is billed as the most cost-effective reusable body cooling device on the market.

According to Cassidy Phillips, CEO/founder of Trigger Point Performance, the TP Performance Cooling line will soon include additional thermoregulation innovations, including a device that stays cool for 120 minutes and cooler bags that will enable athletes to endure longer workouts. These up-and-coming products will be highlighted at Interbike 2011.

“Interbike is the perfect show to launch this program because there are triathlon companies, running companies and cycling companies all in one place – and it happens to be one of the hottest places in the US: Las Vegas,” Phillips said.

“I’m excited to show people the direction our company is going. We want to take care of athletes at all times when it comes to performance. Core cooling is a vital part of any successful cycling or triathlon race. Come by our booth and check out our revolutionary approach to Performance Cooling!”

Attendees are also encouraged to do some holiday shopping in booth #4109, where they will find Trigger Point Performance’s most popular items on the market, including the Grid Foamroller. The new and improved Grid 2.0 is twice as long as the original grid and allows for twice the amount of ‘smart-core’ work. The tool features environmentally-friendly technology and ‘distrodensity zones’ that allow for a more realistic massage experience.

According to Trigger Point, the Grid 2.0 is built to withstand higher impact than traditional foam rollers without breaking down, and provides users with a strong core workout and long-term relief for aches and pains in the muscles.

Other featured items in the Trigger Point Performance booth include the Hip and Lower Back Kit, Foot and Lower Leg Kit, the Ultimate 6 Kit and accompanying DVDs that provide education on product use and empowerment to live healthier, more active and pain-free lives.

The company notes that elite endurance athletes around the world – including Craig Alexander, Chris Lieto and Linsey Corbin – and everyday cyclists and triathletes choose to ‘roll out’ on Trigger Point therapy products because of the unique benefits their patent designs provide.



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