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2XU high performance partnership with teamTBB


2XU has signed an exclusive two year agreement to become the Official Performance Apparel Supplier of highly acclaimed international Triathlon team teamTBB. As of this month, all teamTBB athletes will be kitted out in 2XU’s triathlon, cycle, run and compression apparel for training, racing and recovery.

As the existing supplier of uniforms and apparel to the likes of Triathlon Australia, Triathlon New Zealand, Rowing Australia, Rowing New Zealand and the Official Compression Partner of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Swimming Australia and many others, the alliance with teamTBB marks a logical next step for 2XU.

teamTBB Manager Alex Bok is delighted with the new alliance. "We’ve watched 2XU dominate the triathlon circuit for some time now and have been itching to get our athletes into the brand’s highly revered performance apparel.

“The true beauty of this new partnership, however, is that we’ve now secured a sponsor who can not only supply us with exemplary triathlon gear for training and racing, but outstanding cycle, run and compression apparel too.”

Bok added, “As the Official Compression Partner of the AIS, 2XU’s world-leading compression collection was of particular interest to us. In 2011 we have 20 superstars to take care of across three geographical teams; teamTBB USA, teamTBB Germany and teamTBB AustraliaAsia.

“Recovery is a critical component of our training formula, and we’ll be getting all teamTBB athletes in 2XU’s winning compression garments as soon as possible.”

Under the comprehensive agreement, 2XU will supply its own compression garments to all team members and engineer an extensive teamTBB custom collection including triathlon apparel for racing alongside run and cycle garments for training.

“Working with the world’s finest athletes and sporting institutes is integral to 2XU’s high performance formula,” said 2XU Director of Sales and Marketing, Aidan Clarke.

“We’re delighted to add teamTBB to our enviable list of respected sporting partners.

“With 20 pro athletes across three teams including the currently number 1 ranked athletes James Cunnama and Caroline Steffen and another four of the top 10 currently ranked female pro athletes worldwide, we can see an exciting year in store for teamTBB. We look forward to being part of it.”



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