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2XU PWX compression rolls out in NZ


2XU has rolled out its new compression collection, PWX, at the 2XU Newmarket Performance Centre in Auckland, New Zealand and leading sports retailers across the country.

Ready in time for winter 2011 in the southern hemisphere, the new 2XU PWX Compression Collection is an evolution of the already successful 2XU Compression range.

2XU’s PWX entails a premium collection of upgraded compression fabrics engineered to offer optimal power, weight and flexibility in perfect equilibrium depending on the wearer’s needs.

To facilitate more informed garment choices from customers, 2XU’s PWX Compression collection comes with an intelligent way-finding system that systematically categorizes all garments. To ease the decision making process, three clear product categories are offered; PERFORM, XFORM and REFRESH, which focus on ‘active use’ or ‘recovery’.

PWX Compression PERFORM garments are engineered for active use, XFORM are appropriate for both active and recovery purposes, while REFRESH apparel is ideal for athletes with particularly high performance recovery demands.



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