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ASICS talks minimalism with ASICS 33 Collection


The new ASICS 33 Collection is billed as a ‘future technology’ product rather than a minimalist product offering, and sees ASICS add to the debate on ‘minimal’ run shoes. The company notes that, in today’s market, minimal running shoes are all the rage – capturing the interest of runners, the media and shoe manufacturers alike.

ASICS notes that, consequently, most brands have jumped into the fray with products exhibiting the commonly accepted combination of super-lightweight, unstructured platforms and low heel gradients. ASICS continued by stating that it was ‘interesting that this definition has traditionally described racing flats, a product not traditionally associated with every-day training for the average runner.’

As a research-based company, ASICS has taken a long, hard look at the science around minimalism. The company notes that ASICS was the brand that ‘introduced the concept of natural foot motion over 10 years ago, when the idea was considered radical.’

The company’s goal is to lead and evolve based on current science-based trends in athletic footwear research. According to ASICS, its 33 Collection offers just that: a ‘future technology’ based on the next level of motion enhancement, rather than motion control.

The entire ASICS 33 Collection offers lightweight product for athletes who look for performance and protection with contemporary styling, cushioning and a degree of structure.



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