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Bissell Professional Cycling Team rides with First Endurance

Sports nutrition player First Endurance is building on recent cycling industry alliances, such as its partnership with the HTC-High Road pro cycling team, with the announcement that it will be partnering with the Bissell Professional Cycling Team again in 2011.

First Endurance will provide the Bissell team with OptygenHP, Ultragen recovery drinks, EFS during-exercise drinks, EFS Liquid Shots, PreRace and MultiV.

“Having been a First Endurance product user since company’s inception, I can tell you that I was sold on their products from the word ‘go’ and I’ve been sold ever since,” said Team Director Burke Swindlehurst.

“Every product in their line-up is incredibly well thought-out, tested and represents the latest in sports science and research.”

“OptygenHP, MultiV, EFS and Ultragen have helped increase my ability and output, allowing me to be better prepared for the hardest races in America,” added team rider Ben Jacques Maynes.

First Endurance was started in 2002 with one goal in mind – to give athletes access to the best possible endurance nutrition available.

First Endurance has a history of working closely with some of the best cycling teams in the world.

Since its inception, First Endurance riders have won more than 400 professional races; including winning the Tour de France (twice), the Giro d’Italia as well as the Vuelta a Espana.



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