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Boardman Elite 2012 AiR TT aims to defy physics


Building on the success of the Boardman Elite Series – Boardman Bikes has unveiled an all-new 2012 Boardman Elite AiR/TT Series. The all-new Elite Series AiR/TT has been designed for a single purpose: pure performance. According to Boardman Bikes, each of the four new models is ‘fully equipped to maximise speed and efficiency.’

The AiR (Aerodynamic Racing) TT frames have undergone a rigorous research and development and prototype testing process. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), wind tunnel and real world testing combine to result in the aerodynamic, super-fast AiR/TT frames.

According to Boardman, the company has gone beyond wind tunnel testing – factoring real world scenarios ‘to create a truly versatile, devastating speed machine.’

In short: aerodynamically efficient tube profiles, integrated brakes, internal cabling, power transfer through the one piece BB30 and box section chainstays, confident road-bike-like handling and aggressive geometry result in a competitive, super aero, super-fast triathlon and time trial bike.

“FEA, CFD, Pro Team testing and 20 years of experience have all been distilled in this totally performance-focused product,” said Chris Boardman MBE, Director of R&D at Boardman Bikes. “There isn’t a single square centimetre of the AiR/TT that doesn’t have a performance rationale behind it.”

Frame highlights:

  • New AiR/TT Aerodynamic Racing frame, fork, brakes and seatpost
  • Full high modulus carbon fibre monocoque construction
  • CFD and wind tunnel developed tube profiles
  • Down tube, seat tube and seatpost shaped for maximized airflow and reduced wind resistance in real world head and cross wind conditions
  • Internal front brake is enclosed within the fork structure to maximise clean air around the front of the frame
  • Rear brake is positioned under the BB to further maximise clean air at the rear of the frame
  • Forks and seat stays have flat inside and curved outside surfaces for enhanced airflow interaction between the frame and wheel – especially effective with deep section wheels
  • Mould design incorporates one piece BB30 bottom bracket and optimized oversize box section chainstays with steep taper at dropout for maximized power transfer and strength
  • Carefully considered full internal cable routing for further airflow enhancement and clean lines
  • Stable, precise geometry to cope will all race situations
  • Full carbon fork with tapered fork steerer for increased stiffness and steering precision
  • Reversible seat post to ensure that riding position can be dialled to either TT or triathlon disciplines

Initial limited numbers of the Boardman Elite AiR/TT Series are now available in the UK and via international distributors in key markets worldwide.



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