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Campagnolo gears up with new time trial components for 2012


From pro tour cycling time trials to triathlon world championships, Campagnolo is aware that races can be won or lost in split seconds. Taking on this challenge, engineers at the Campy Tech Lab have designed and created new components dedicated to time trial/triathlon.

According to Campagnolo, the engineers have ‘implemented innovative solutions, specifically in performance along with optimised aerodynamics and weight reduction.’

The new 2012 range encompasses:
• Bar end controls
• TT cranksets
• TT brake levers
• ‘U brakes’

Bar end controls
The brand new bar end shifters (available in 11 and 10 speed) have been designed by engineers in the Campy Tech Lab and tested in the wind tunnel to allow maximum performance in terms of weight and aerodynamic efficiency.

Campagnolo’s version of a ‘back to zero’ shifter enables an up and down gear shift, in up to 3 gear increments. At a scant 155g, the carbon version is claimed to be the lightest available on the market.

TT cranksets
The second component designed by engineers at Campy Tech Lab is the new crankset with TT chainrings.

Lab research has shown that, although the diameter of the TT chainrings is larger, the crank set is as rigid as the crank set with standard chainrings (53/39). This maintains optimal transfer of power.

According to the company, the X.P.S.S. technology (Extreme Performance Shifting System) allows for consistently accurate and fast shifting, even under load. The TT crankset will be available for Super Record (also titanium spindle version), Record and Chorus in the 42/54 and 42/55 combinations.

TT brake levers
The new TT/tri brake levers have an ergonomic design, especially created to follow hand movements and maintain and aerodynamic position even during braking.

Strength required to activate the levers is reduced to a minimum thanks to the brakes’ special curvature. The levers are fitted with a special quick release system that allows for easy removal of the wheels. Weight is minimal, both in the carbon version (85g) and the aluminium version (106g).

‘U brakes’
To complete the new 2012 time trial/triathlon range, Campy offers ‘U brakes’ in a lateral pull version for the front, and central or lateral pull for the rear.

Thus, the brakes may be tucked away, under or behind parts of the frame or fork. The centre pull or lateral pull features enable an easier adjustment when the brakes are in these tucked away positions.



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