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CTC to convert to charitable status


On Saturday 14 May 2011, at its AGM, CTC members voted to alter the organisation’s constitution so that it meets charity law. This means the organisation can now proceed to apply for registration with the UK Charity Commission and to merge with the CTC Charitable Trust.

CTC is the UK Cyclists’ Touring Club, which represents UK cyclists and operates under the CTC banner.

Over 11,000 people voted and the majority in favour of taking charitable status was recorded at 88.3%. By the standards of most membership organisations this was an excellent turnout and is a clear mandate for taking charitable status forwards.

As noted by CTC, changes won’t happen overnight. There are lots of processes to go through but this is a major turning point for the organisation.

Chair of the Council David Cox said “The vote on the Memorandum and Articles was a very clear demonstration that the membership will respond with a strong consensus to Council’s leadership.

“This presents us with a great opportunity and also a challenge to build on this support with our work in the coming year on moving forward unification [with the CTC Charitable Trust], supporting members and member groups and improving our governance and ways of working.”

Turning the entire organisation into a charity will, say CTC board members help it claim up to £160,000 in Gift Aid on membership fees – money that can be utilised for member benefits and continuing CTC’s campaigning work.



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