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First Endurance backs ultra-running movement

Sports nutrition player First Endurance is continuing its support of endurance sport by expanding focus into the world of ultra-running. In the past five years the company has worked with a few ultra-runners and appreciates their enthusiasm and commitment to First Endurance products.

Moving forward, First Endurance is now looking to ‘increase our connection with and commitment to this strong community of amazing athletes.’

Karl Meltzer was the first ultra-runner to experience the benefits of First Endurance products. “I’ve been running for First Endurance since 2004. Since then, I’ve completed forty 100 mile races. I have found that recovery is the key to my success as much as training and Ultragen has provided me with the ‘link’ to recovering since I started consuming tub after tub in 2004.”

Meltzer recently completed the Red Bull Human Express and credits First Endurance products for his success. “On the Red Bull Human Express, EFS drink was the rocket fuel that propelled me 2064 miles and Ultragen was the first thing to my lips at the end of each 50 mile day.”

New to the team in 2010, Duncan Callahan came on strong to the ultra-running scene with back to back wins at the 2009 and 2010 Leadville 100 mile trail race. “2009 was a fantastic season for me with many great results, however, the one weakness to my ultra-running career was with my fuelling strategy for training and racing,” said Callahan.

“In the later part of the season I went on a quest to find a nutritional plan that would work for me. When I asked many successful endurance athletes they told me to start using First Endurance. I did.

“First Endurance is now the core of that plan. I have sustained energy, never cramp, and my recovery has been greatly enhanced with First Endurance Products. Here’s to a tremendous 2011!”

In addition to sponsoring individuals, in 2011 First Endurance has made a strong commitment as the nutrition sponsor for three key teams in the sport, the La Sportiva Trail Running Team, the Pearl Izumi/Smith Ultrarunning Team and the Wasatch Speedgoats.

In 2010 alone these teams swept numerous podiums and had amazing representation from 50K to 100 mile distances.

First Endurance sees the need to do more in the ultrarunning community and has committed support by hiring Krissy Moehl as a contracted Ultrarunning Athlete Coordinator.

“I am more than excited to work with these athletes and help spread the word of the improvements endurance athletes can feel when using First Endurance products,” Moehl said.



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