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First Endurance expands triathlon team for 2011

Hot on the heels of its partnership with the Leopard Trek Project cycling team, First Endurance is continuing its work with the sport of triathlon.

For 2011, First Endurance is the nutrition sponsor for the Trakkers Elite Professional Triathlon Team, and First Endurance has overall expanded its roster of triathletes.

“Each year, we’ve added to and stepped-up the calibre of our triathletes,” said triathlon sponsorship coordinator Robert Kunz (VP of Science and Technology at the company). Kunz reviewed over 200 proposals before settling on the 2011 First Endurance Triathlon Team.

“It’s a testament to our commitment to these great athletes and to our great system of endurance products each athlete promotes,” Kunz added.

“The common theme for the athletes that seek sponsorship from First Endurance (and those who come back year after year) is performance and quality. These athletes are looking for that edge in health and performance that can help them drop minutes off their races and improve their day-to-day health.

“The improvement in each of our pro athletes’ careers is clearly evident from year to year.”

Eleven new faces join the First Endurance triathlon team in 2011, including 3x Ironman Champion Chris ‘Big Sexy’ McDonald and Hillary Biscay. Biscay is one of the most prolific Iron-distance competitors on the circuit and typically competes in 6-8 Ironman distance races a year.

Another new First Endurance triathlete is short course star, and winner of the 2010 St Anthony’s Triathlon, Cameron Dye. Returning athletes include Heather Wurtele and Jordan Rapp.

Wurtele said, “Before First Endurance, we had frequent GI issues and essentially crossed our fingers and hoped for the best on race day. Now, our nutrition always works for us and we have the confidence that comes with using the most well-researched and carefully formulated products on the market.”

She added, “We test it with the rigors of Ironman training and racing and know a good thing when we find it. The folks at First Endurance really care about making the best products available and developing relationships with athletes to continually improve. We are super excited about signing a long-term contract with First Endurance. We’re spoiled now. No other products will do!”

When Jordan Rapp was sidelined with a horrific hit and run incident in 2010, he had to use the second half of the season just to get back on form. He felt so strong about the benefits of First Endurance, he asked for a three-year relationship.

“I’m thrilled to extend my relationship with First Endurance for another three years. Since I first started using First Endurance products in the fall of 2008, I’ve consistently been impressed with the attention paid to both quality and the latest scientific research on endurance performance.

“Simply put, First Endurance products work. What I found when I joined the First Endurance team in 2009, after close to six months of field testing and evaluation, is that the unwavering focus of the company is on constantly improving their product line.

“I’ve been privileged to be a part of both new product introductions as well as upgrades of existing products and I look forward to being part of even more of them in the future. I cannot wait to see what the next three years hold, not only for me personally but also for all of the other athletes that rely on First Endurance products for racing and training.

“This past year, I was reminded of the unexpected obstacles life can throw at you; it’s great to know that giving my body the building blocks and fuel it needs to perform optimally isn’t going to be one of them.”

2011 First Endurance Triathlon Team

Returning athletes:
James Cotter
Richie Cunningham
Mary-Beth Ellis
Brian Fleischmann
Heather Gollnick
Jacqui Gordon
Sarah Haskins
Amanda Lovato
Michael Lovato
Jasmine Oeinck
Amy Marsh
Brandon Marsh
Josiah Middaugh
Justin Park
Donna Phelan
Jordan Rapp
Rebecca Wassner
Laurel Wassner
Seth Wealing
Becky Witinok-Huber
Heather Wurtele
Trevor Wurtele
Andrew Yoder

New athletes
Hillary Biscay
Courtenay Brown
Kathlene Calkins
Cameron Dye
Erik Limkemann
Chris McDonald
Jessica Meyers
Guy Petruzzelli
Juan-Carlos Ramirez
Matt Sheeks
Cody Waite



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