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Intelligent Triathlon Training online


The Intelligent Triathlon Training website is being given a makeover and aims to ‘give triathletes the knowledge and understanding they need to make their triathlon training the best it can be.’

Intelligent Triathlon Training was developed by husband and wife team, Mark and Rhona Pearce. Both have degrees in sports science and exercise physiology, and have 10 years of experience of applying that knowledge.

Mark is a coach for the British Triathlon Olympic programme, whilst Rhona is the Sports Science Manager at Loughborough University, with one of her main roles being to provide sport science support to triathletes.

Whilst it is a continually developing site, there is already a wealth of useful information available. This includes: training advice and example sessions for swim, bike and run; nutrition for racing and training; a whole section on strength training and injury prevention with lots of video clips of exercises and drills; plus information on physiology and triathlon gear.

An area currently under development is a section on bike handling skills and transitions. Lastly, there will be training programs available to download.



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