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Interbike 2011: part 5


At Interbike 2011, Polar showcased its RCX5 bike/multisport computer and its range of features:

  • ZoneOptimizer – coaches the athlete to train at the right intensity
  • Sport Profiles – guarantees a swift switch between bikes with different settings
  • Race Pace – helps the athlete reach individual time targets

RCX5 integrates with polarpersonaltrainer.com, the online coach with downloadable training load guidance and cycling endurance programs. The RCX5 Bike watch comes with the small and lightweight CS speed sensor, and is compatible with other W.I.N.D. cadence, GPS and running sensors.

Polar’s RCX5 Bike has an MSRP of US$389.95.

BelgiumBike unveiled Concap to the US market, the company’s natural food supplements range made in Belgium. The products claim to improve ‘energy levels, recovery and efficiency and mental strength.’



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