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MapMyRUN signs ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes


MapMyRUN, the premier provider of online and mobile mapping and training tools for runners, has announced a two year deal with Dean Karnazes, world renowned ‘Ultramarathon Man’ and health and fitness advocate.

Under the deal, Karnazes will serve as a spokesperson for MapMyRUN’s web and mobile products.

"We are thrilled to get Dean on board with MapMyRUN," said Robin Thurston, Chief Executive of MapMyFITNESS.

“Not only is he synonymous with the sport of running, but like MapMyRUN he’s a passionate advocate for health and fitness. And, Dean recognises the great potential innovative web and mobile applications have to help individuals live healthier and more active lifestyles – which is our primary objective at MapMyRUN.”

Karnazes’ two year pact with MapMyRUN calls for him to promote MapMyRUN products at live events and across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. He will also work closely with MapMyRUN to further develop its web and mobile products to ensure that those products continue to prove invaluable to those seeking to better their health and fitness.

As part of the product development process, Karnazes will make efforts to use the iMapMyRUN mobile app at various events over the term of the parties’ agreement.

MapMyRUN’s website, www.mapmyrun.com, provides runners and fitness enthusiasts of all types and abilities with an array of training tools. These include: a pioneering route mapping application for tracking and recording daily running routes, a database of saved running routes from around the world, various health and fitness calculators, an online training log, a newly launched online Nutrition Center and a social network where members can come together to share their progress and exchange knowledge.

The iMapMyRUN apps for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry give users the ability to map and record their daily running routes and run data direct from their mobile devices. The mobile apps also seamlessly sync with the website so users can store all their routes and run data in one place.

“MapMyRUN’s web and mobile products are fantastic tools to help record your fitness activities and monitor key health metrics like caloric consumption, body mass index, and activity level,” said Karnazes.

“I’m very excited to further integrate MapMyRUN’s web and mobile products into my daily fitness endeavours, spread the word about MapMyRUN and how its offerings can help people better their health and fitness, and work with MapMyRUN to further refine its products.

“And, since the products effortlessly interface with social media platforms, I’ll be able to easily share my running and training data with other fitness enthusiasts and perhaps inspire them to work towards living healthier and more active lifestyles.”

MapMyRUN is the running specific website of the MapMyFITNESS suite of websites. Currently headquartered in Austin, Texas, MapMyFITNESS Inc was founded in 2007 and operates a suite of websites and associated mobile applications including MapMyRUN.com, MapMyRIDE.com, MapMyWALK.com, MapMyHIKE.com, MapMyFITNESS.com, MapMyMOUNTAIN.com and MapMyTRI.com.



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