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mix1 joins GOTRIbal multisport event for women


GOTRIbal, the international network and resource for women who share a passion for endurance sport, has welcomed sports nutrition company mix1 to its second Annual Multisport Adventure Series Retreat in Florida this year.

mix1’s founders are athletes with a mix of backgrounds and abilities, but with a common shared purpose for creating ‘high-quality, all-natural products that are truly functional.’ It is those products, and that philosophy, that underlines the partnership at the forthcoming GOTRIbal Multisport Adventure event for women.

“GOTRIbal is fortunate to offer its fans mix1 during the retreat, and we are proud to be partnered with a brand that so purposefully focuses on creating products that are not just healthy and high-quality, but easy for busy, multi-tasking women athletes to incorporate into their active lifestyles,” said Tanya Maslach, CEO/Founder at GOTRIbal.

As participants play, bike, run, swim, paddleboard and do ‘Insanity beach strength sessions’, their tired bodies will require proper fuelling in order keep going. Throughout the event, mix1 will be there to satisfy them with lean performance and post-workout recovery shakes that:

  • Are free of lactose, gluten and caffeine
  • Have a carb to protein ratio that keeps them well-stocked post-workout, and
  • Are ‘suited to any picky taste tester’: flavours come in everything from mix-berry to mango, peach, chocolate and blueberry-vanilla.

“Our philosophy at mix1 is pretty simple: we only create products with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that are truly functional,” added mix1 founder Dr James Rouse. “The GOTRIbal Multisport Adventure Retreat encourages women with proper training and nutrition to optimize their performance, and mix1 is thrilled to provide the functional nutrition they need to lead active and healthy lifestyles.”



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