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Neovite in TT Race Team sponsorship


At the 2011 TCR Show at Sandown Park in the UK, Neovite, the natural dairy sports nutrition brand, is ramping up its promotional activity – hot on the heels of gaining scientific recognition for its colostrum based product.

Neovite is announcing plans to sponsor TT Race Team competitors, elite triathlon veteran and BTF coach Phil Jarvis and training and club partner Mark Lloyd.

Jarvis will be officially launching the new Team Neovite TT Race kit at the TCR Show, on the Neovite stand (Q8) on Saturday 12 February.

Jarvis, who has represented his country at both triathlon and duathlon since 2004 said, “I first approached Neovite 5 years ago. I was 6 months into a training program trying to qualify for the Great Britain Age Group Triathlon team.

“Having previously qualified for the 2004 World Duathlon Championships in Geel, Belgium, I found myself in a fairly run down state and was suffering from IBS that was starting to get me down.”

Jarvis first started taking Neovite on a regular basis during training for qualification for the 2007 World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Hamburg, Germany. Here he successfully qualified and finished 22nd in his 40-44 year old age group at the Championships.

He went on to say: “I was starting to really look into natural products that could aid recovery from heavy bouts of training and could perhaps enhance my depressed immune system. I really liked what was being said on the Neovite website and it struck a chord with me as it seemed to cover all my problem bases!

“Neovite has now maintained my health throughout the last 5 years as I have been sponsored by Neovite. The product has helped to develop lean muscle mass whilst I have been steadily reducing my weight over that time. My immune system has remained strong and best of all I have lost the IBS problems I used to have as well.”

Since 2004, Jarvis has become a British Triathlon Federation Qualified Triathlon Coach and spent time between the UK and Tritopia Triathlon Training camps in France coaching athletes of all abilities. Over the last 2 years he has switched his main focus to cycling time trialling and has become pretty successful, having been Colchester Rovers’ 2009 Time Trialling Champion and has regularly finished in the top 15 riders in Eastern Region Time Trials across distances from 10 miles to 100 miles.

The Neovite TT Race Team aims to promote the healthy benefits of Neovite for elite and amateur athletes and in particular stress the health, fitness and performance benefits for competitors in endurance sports such as cycling and triathlon.

Jarvis’ TT Race Team partner is also his training partner and fellow club member Mark Lloyd, aged 39. Lloyd had a fantastic breakthrough season last year where he finished 9th in The Eastern Region SPOCCO time trial series as well as taking the Colchester Rovers Club Championship off Jarvis!

Neovite colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the first 48 hours after birth. Colostrum provides newborns with the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need to make it through the first days of life.

The product is imported from New Zealand from the surplus after the calves have been fed. It is a rich source of bioactive components such as immunoglobulins, cytokines, interleukins and growth factors.

Neovite brand owner Colostrum UK imports colostrum products from the world’s largest producer, Fonterra of New Zealand, and markets to both retailers under its brand Neovite and wholesale to established sports nutrition companies.

Colostrum is recommended by the English Institute of Sport performance nutritionist Nigel Mitchell, who advises British Cycling. UK riders have a regular supply from leading brand Neovite, which offers products that have been screened by drug testing laboratory HFL Sports Science.

Professor Ray Playford, eminent gastroenterologist, has published research showing dairy colostrum to be effective for colitis and inflammatory bowel disorders as well as preventing gut damage caused by the use of NSAID pain-killers.

Getting peak performance from athletes is achieved by keeping them healthy over a sustained period of time. But this is tough if their training is working against their goals.

“Cycling is hugely taxing on the body and can suppress the immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and flu, especially in the winter,” said Joe Beer, renowned endurance sports coach and regular contributor to leading UK triathlon magazine 220 Triathlon.

“It’s common after an illness for your times to be slower, your heart rate to be elevated and for there to be a sweeping drop in your training momentum.”

In addition to Joe Beer and Phil Jarvis, the Colostrum UK/Neovite business is built on the endorsement of a number of recognised experts. Triathlon coach, and another contributor to 220 Magazine, Mark Kleanthous is a notable endorser.

Colostrum UK/Neovite is also endorsed by elite sports nutritionists Matt Lovell (rugby) and Nigel Mitchell (cycling); soccer sprint coach and injury rehab specialist Mike Antoniades at Sport Dimensions; Coaching Editor at Cycling Weekly Hannah Reynolds; and Ray Klerck former Fitness Editor, at Men’s Health Magazine.



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