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Neovite sponsors Ironman age group champ Louise Collins


Leading the charge for colostrum in the sports nutrition category, Neovite has continued its support of elite triathletes by sponsoring 25-29 age group Ironman Hawaii World Champion and 220 magazine age group female athlete of 2010 Louise Collins.

Louise Collins has been competing in triathlon and Ironman for the past four years and has been using Neovite throughout her winter training period. She noted, “As an elite athlete combining working full time with twenty-five hours of training a week, as well as eating healthily, I am always looking for products that can help me remain injury and illness free.

“I have suffered in the past with glandular fever when I was a rower, so Neovite has helped me to keep my health consistent in my winter training blocks and has prevented me from getting those annoying coughs and colds.”

Collins goes on the say, “I have already noticed some differences in my training, throughout the winter months, where the combination of 40 hours a week of work and 25 hours a week of training puts a lot of stress on your body. Neovite has helped, as certainly there have been times in the past few months where I think I would have had to start missing sessions. In the past year I have not had any coughs or colds and have not missed any sessions from my training plan.”

John Rolfs, Managing Director of Colostrum UK Ltd, the Neovite brand owner, added “Exercise induced gut disorders are common in triathlon, the popular description is ‘runner’s trots’. Here, the body’s response to increased permeability is to clear the gut contents, giving rise to symptoms such as diarrhoea to avoid toxins from gut organisms entering the bloodstream, as these lead to heatstroke which can result in damage to the internal organs.

“Our latest study gives us the medical science to improve endurance performance and heat stress tolerance.”

Neovite colostrum is the first milk produced by cows during the first 48 hours after birth. Colostrum provides newborns with the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need to make it through the first days of life. The product is imported from New Zealand from the surplus after the calves have been fed. It is a rich source of bioactive components such as immunoglobulins, cytokines, interleukins and growth factors.



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