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Neuro Drinks is Official Hydration Partner of 2011 Amica 19.7 Sprint Triathlon Series

Neuro Drinks has been named the Official Hydration Partner of the 2011 Amica 19.7 Sprint Triathlon Series. The announcement was made recently by Eident Sports Marketing, the official sports marketing agency of the series.

The 2011 Amica 19.7 Sprint Triathlon Series consists of 12 sprint distance events held throughout the US. The 2011 series kicks off on 15 May with the Amica 19.7 TexasMan Sprint Triathlon in Dallas, Texas and concludes in November with the Amica 19.7 Phoenix Triathlon.

The range Neuro Drinks’ products, presented in lightly carbonated and non-carbonated 14.5 fl oz servings, contain nutrients that can significantly benefit the triathlete after training as well as during rest.

All Neuro Drinks contain Vitamin D, which has been shown in clinical research to improve fitness and vascular function (circulation). Subjects experience higher maximal efforts and higher oxygen uptake (or anaerobic threshold) after taking 1000 IU (international units) of vitamin D, allowing for greater VO2 Max thresholds.

The company’s NeuroSun product provides a single serving of 1000 IU of vitamin D – which also helps fortify the immune system, helping the triathlete recover faster and stay healthy.

NeuroSport provides electrolytes and mineral replacement after exercise and NeuroAqua, a high pH water can help to counter the acidic environment of the body as a result of endurance exercise.

Other nutrients contained in Neuro Drinks include L-Thanine and phosphatidylserine, which help reduce cortisol levels in the blood, a marker of stress and increased inflammation.

At 35 calories per bottle (50 calories for NeuroSport), Neuro Drinks will not provide energy from glucose, only vital nutrients which assist in repair and support of vital recovery functions.

According to the company, with Neuro Drinks an endurance athlete can obtain another valuable competitive advantage by supplying functional nutrients at clinically validated dosage amounts not available in other ready-to-drink products.