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New York Life in deal with Multirace series


One of the US nation’s leading insurance carriers, New York Life, is partnering with the Multirace.com series of triathlon, duathlon, running and other endurance events. Multirace is one of the leading event management companies in the south eastern United States. The one year deal, which sees New York Life offering its free child ID program at each event, was brokered by Lee Zohlman of Universal Multisport.

(The Child IDs include a child’s photo, digitally-scanned fingerprints, and emergency contact information. The ID is designed to be distributed to members of the family and placed in a wallet and in an easy to find place at home to locate should a child go missing.)

Everyone at New York Life is looking forward to the new arrangement. “New York Life is proud to support Multirace.com – home to so many athletes and their families,” said Peter Busse of New York Life.

“It’s gratifying to be able to sponsor local organizations that help our community and their quality of life. New York Life strongly encourages our team to give their time and talents to help make a difference.”

Lee Zohlman at Universal Multisport, who brought the two entities together, said, “We are grateful for New York Life’s sponsorship of these events, which will have a lasting effect on the entire community. New York Life’s on-going service has directly benefited many people in South Florida and their free Child ID Program is a great benefit to the athletes and their families.”