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Orbea proud to be part of Mondragon Corp


Spain’s Orbea Bicycles has noted that it is ‘proud to be part of Mondragon corporation’. Reviewing 2010, and summarising the scale of Mondragon’s activities (with a brief mention of Orbea in the ‘Industry’ section), the ‘one year in two minutes’ video underlines the financial muscle that is behind Orbea.

With extensive activities – across retail (Eroski supermarkets), finance and industry – Mondragon is a corporation and federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque region of Spain. The group is one of the top ten largest companies in Spain.

Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator. Orbea bike frames are manufactured in Asia and finished in Spain – with the brand shipped worldwide.

Earlier this year, under a licensing agreement, Orbea further cemented its relationship with the Orca wetsuit and apparel tri brand. This deal effectively gives Orbea global distribution rights to the Orca brand, following ‘four years of fruitful relations’ between the two companies.



  1. Thanks for sharing the update, Mondragon is a very interesting business case, let’s see if more companies like them emerge in coming years.


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