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Polar CS500 Tour de France bike computer


Taking a ‘Yellow is Everything’ attitude to cycling and training, Polar USA, a leader in heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technology, has made the CS500 Tour de France, the official Tour de France training computer, immediately available.

With an aerodynamic diamond shape and yellow accents, the CS500 Tour de France is designed for event riders who want to improve their fitness at the competitive level through highly effective training guidance.

With twice as much memory than the original CS500 model for capturing more data from each ride, the CS500 Tour de France offers compatibility with the forthcoming Polar LOOK Kéo Power pedals, the world’s first pedal-based system for measuring power output and cadence.

The device can also be configured with the wireless Polar Power Output Sensor W.I.N.D. accessory. When used with a compatible power measurement accessory, the expanded memory recording rate is automatically set to one second to ensure the most accurate cycling data possible.

The CS500 Tour de France also features a two-way rocker switch operation combined with an extra-large, reflection-free data display screen for quick readability and safe control even at high speeds.

“For decades, Polar has been riding with pro cyclists as they’ve led the pack,” said Jeff Padovan, President of Polar USA.

“In celebration of the passion, courage, and determination of those who’ve worn, or aspire to wear, the coveted yellow jersey, we’re proud to offer the limited edition CS500 Tour de France, the official training computer of the most prestigious and elite cycling event in the world.”

The CS500 Tour de France also synchs with polarpersonaltrainer.com, which is a free, online training journal where cyclists can easily set goals, track progress, and analyse their results. Using the optional DataLink wireless communication accessory from Polar, which is PC and Mac compatible, users can upload their data to the site.

The Training Load feature on polarpersonaltrainer.com shows a user their cumulative training load in a color-coded graph, helping them make smarter decisions by interpreting how hard a specific workout was, and advising them when they’ve recovered from previous workouts.

A Dual Lock Bike Mount comes standard with the unit and is made of reinforced composite metal, providing sturdy attachment to the bike and making it ideal for both road and mountain biking. The CS500 Tour de France can easily be customized and used on up to three different bikes. It also features a unique ‘Training Reminder’ feature, which you can set to alert you of different tasks. For example, it can prompt cyclists when hydration is needed.

The CS500 Tour de France is available as a base set, or bundled with a cadence sensor (CS500 Tour de France cad). The base set includes the main unit, the fabric WearLink+ transmitter W.I.N.D., CS speed sensor W.I.N.D., and Dual Lock Bike Mount, and is available for a suggested price of US$319.95.

The CS500 Tour de France cad set is available for a suggested price of US$359.95. The Power Output Sensor W.I.N.D. is available as a separate accessory for a suggested price of US$395. The DataLink is also available as an accessory, for a suggested price of US$54.95. All products are available online or at specialty stores.



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