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PR*Bar develops for Team USA


The US Olympic Committee (USOC) and PR Nutrition Inc (PR*Bar) have embarked on a multi-year licensing agreement in which PR*Bar will consult with USOC sports dieticians to create, develop and sell a line of Team USA performance nutrition bars.

A portion of the proceeds of these sales will support the training of US Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls; and the agreement runs through to June 2017.

The agreement will mark the first time USOC sports dieticians will consult with a nutrition bar company to help create a product based on collective input. PR*Bar’s line of Team USA performance nutrition bars, as well as PR*Bar’s US Olympic-branded nutrition bars, will be available at US retail outlets in mid-2011.

“We are thrilled to welcome PR*Bar into the US Olympic Family of licensees,” said USOC Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Baird.

“Our athletes work hard each and every day to be at their peak performance, and having easy access to Team USA performance nutrition bars will help them power their bodies for training and competition. In addition, fans who purchase PR*Bars will also be helping to support America’s athletes by financially contributing to their Olympic and Paralympic journeys.”

PR*Bar’s Team USA performance nutrition bars will be available to US Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls at the US Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Chula Vista, California; Lake Placid, N.Y., and at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

PR*Bar is the official performance nutrition bar licensee of USOC, the US Olympic Team and the US Paralympic Team.

“It’s an incredible honour to be part of the United States Olympic Family, and we look forward to introducing our new line of Team USA performance bars,” said Bill Logue, co-founder and CEO of PR Nutrition.

“Moreover, we are happy that the Team USA bars, as well as our PR*Bar family of products, will provide proceeds to support US Olympic and Paralympic athletes.”

This licensing agreement augments USOC’s strategy to build a long-term, competitive licensing platform. This covers a breadth of channels and product segments that offer retailers and sports fans a chance to show their support of Team USA.



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