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Provide Gold One-Shot Protein


Provide Gold, formulated and manufactured by Provide Nutrition LLC, has a new liquid protein product in its range – Provide Gold One-Shot Protein.

According to the manufacturer, the new liquid protein product ‘provides an immediate impact when your body needs it most to enhance any training or workout regime.’

Provide Gold One-Shot Protein is a one-ounce shot of hydrolyzed collagen protein, which claims to have nearly 100% absorption in the body ‘virtually immediately to help build strength, endurance and aid in recovery.’

A one-ounce shot of Provide Gold One-Shot Protein has no lactose, requires no preparation, no refrigeration and is pre-digested with fruit enzymes for rapid absorption into the body.

For an average workout a one-ounce shot 30 minutes before workout/training, and a one-ounce shot within 30 minutes after the workout/training, is recommended.

For heavy strength training, two one-ounce shots 30 minutes before workout/training and a one-ounce shot within 30 minutes after the workout/training is recommended. According to Provide Nutrition LLC, the two one-ounce shots before workout/training help with stamina during an extended, high-intensity workout.

For quick recovery after a heavy workout, triathlon or other high-endurance sport, taking the one-ounce shot of Provide Gold within 30 minutes after the workout or physical activity is recommended.

"Because Provide Gold is concentrated and predigested, the complete amino acid profile is in a form that can be immediately used by the body to build muscle and aid in recovery — allowing athletes to enjoy the powerful benefits of hydrolyzed protein while exercising," said Dr Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RD, LD/N Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics at California State University Northridge (CSUN).

"Protein molecules are notoriously hard to break-down by the body. There is usually a long time lag between eating protein and its eventual absorption and utilization by the body," added Gilbert.

"For example, some protein products will not benefit the body for many hours. However, Provide Gold is different in that it benefits the body immediately rebuilding muscles and aiding in recovery."

A key ingredient in Provide Gold is taurine, which according to Provide Nutrition LLC acts quickly to open cells for the hydrolyzed collagen protein to enter and rebuild muscles and aid in recovery.

"The taurine in Provide Gold has multiple biological and metabolic functions," said Gilbert. “It also reduces oxidative stress under extreme physical exertion where lactic acid builds up in the muscle."



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