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Raceday Transport partners with HITS Triathlon Series

Raceday Transport has announced a partnership with HITS Triathlon Series to be the new multi-distance triathlon event’s exclusive bike and gear transport provider. The new HITS series will offer a once a month, year around schedule of races at destinations across the US, where participants can challenge themselves to a choice of five separate distances (Open-Sprint-Olympic-Half-or Full).

Raceday Transport (RDT) is headquartered in Lincoln, California, and offers bike and bike gear transport to major triathlon events held throughout the US.

“Athletes are always seeking alternatives to competitive races and events throughout the year. HITS Triathlon Series will deliver just that,” said Raceday Transport President Marc Sanders.

“With Tom, Mark, and Dave Scott at the helm, athletes will have the ultimate access pass to not only train and race amongst their peers, but to also see what it takes to reach the next levels of the sport.”