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Scott Sports joins forces with GreenEDGE Cycling


Before making its racing debut, new Australian pro cycling team GreenEDGE Cycling signed a multiple year contract with leading high performance bicycle and accessories brand Scott Sports.

Under the agreement, Scott, whose bikes were ridden to six stage victories at the 2010 Tour de France, becomes the official bike supplier to all teams under the GreenEDGE banner: the men’s elite Pro Team squad, women’s Pro Team and men’s Continental road racing team.

GreenEDGE shall be using the F01 aero road bike and Plasma 3 time trial machine. Helmets will also be supplied by Scott for both Pro Teams.

GreenEDGE General Manager, Shayne Bannan, said, “The main priority in striking a deal with a bike manufacturer was to ensure the team was getting the best equipment that would give the riders an edge on their competitors.”

Scott’s enthusiasm to join forces with GreenEDGE demonstrates the growing interest and confidence in the team’s bid to reach the highest level of world road cycling.

“Joining forces with a new generation and international team like GreenEDGE is very exciting for us,” said Scott Sports, Vice President Pascal Ducrot.

“Shayne Bannan has a long and very successful history in cycling as the Australian national team coach. His knowledge, paired with a solid financial foundation, will allow them to build a very dynamic and successful team and Shayne’s vision of pushing technology as well as his demand for the best hi-tech equipment is the challenge we need in order to keep our leading position.”



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