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Simon Whitfield unveils Triton online triathlon training

Canadian triathlete and two-time Olympic medallist Simon Whitfield has introduced Triton, a ‘revolutionary online system that will change triathlon training by making it accessible and affordable to all athletes.’

Triton features a powerful online engine that produces dynamic training programs and a personalized training calendar that intelligently adapts to the needs of users.

“Triton’s method is a much better and more efficient way to train because it is uniquely tailored to individual users,” said Whitfield, a three-time Olympic triathlete, who won gold at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney and silver in Beijing in 2008.

“This is a thinking engine that may prove to be significantly more effective and easier than a human coach. I believe this is the future of triathlon training.”

The backbone of Triton is its ability to create training plans that adapt to how well the user is progressing through training. Unlike most training programs that force the athlete to adapt to the system, Triton adapts to the needs of the athlete.

The process is tailored to individual needs by taking into account their experience, level of fitness, and time constraints. As users enter new information about their progress, Triton adapts to produce updated and detailed workout routines that include specific instructions.

“There is no other training method out there that can provide this level of advanced training,” said Whitfield, adding that the system caters to all types of athletes, including those new to triathlon.

“Since users are unique, no two training programs are alike.”

In addition to hundreds of training videos, articles and resources, Triton gives users a visual representation of their training progress in a clear and appealing online interface.

Triton’s engine is also intelligent and powerful enough to target athletes’ needs more efficiently, meaning training can range from just three to six hours a week.

“I’m quite proud of this because it gives people a legitimate chance to improve their fitness and achieve their goals,” said Whitfield.

“We’ve come up with a simple and engaging system that will give users confidence that they are training to their potential.”

Triton’s online service launches in early May and users who sign up now at the website tritontriathlon.com will get a free, two-month trial.



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