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Social networking goes the distance at GoGazella.com


A new social networking website GoGazella recently opened its doors as a ‘niche, but robust site for distance runners.’ GoGazella enables users to find running friends, create running or racing groups, hold forum discussions, and post or link to blogs. The site is targeted at marathon or distance runners, but runners of all levels will benefit from the discussions on racing, running gear, training and nutrition.

What makes GoGazella different from other running sites? The main concept behind the site is to help distance and marathon runners find training partners and connect with each other. Users create a profile or simply upload an existing Facebook profile.

GoGazella will then ask a few more questions about things that runners want to know; such as, desired pace, races previously run, location, and type of race currently training for. Members can then search for training partners or friends based on these attributes.

The site also incorporates the ability to have discussions, privately or publically, by creating forums, blogs and groups. As a totally free site, GoGazella aims to become the premier running website that allows distance and marathon runners to share experiences, insights, and connect with one another.



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