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SportConnexin spreads the word with Rock Star Triathlete Academy


HealthConnexin Inc, a nutritional supplement specialist, has been helping athletes perform better and live healthier in a range of sports categories. The company has recently launched a new electrolyte replacement product called SportConnexin – and has linked up with Rock Star Triathlete Academy to help promote the supplement.

Launched in 2009 by Ben Greenfield and Kerry Sullivan, the Rock Star Triathlete Academy teaches beginner triathletes how to get started in triathlon and teaches fast triathletes how to get faster.

SportConnexin has reportedly received excellent feedback and support from endurance athletes, trainers and sports medicine doctors.

The key to how SportConnexin helps athletes improve performance and recovery is balancing pH. SportConnexin was scientifically developed to replenish the essential minerals endurance athletes sweat out during each hour of rigorous exercise and help maintain proper pH balance to neutralize metabolic acids and improve endurance, prevent cramping and speed muscle recovery.

This highly bio-available formula also claims to help prevent serious conditions including bone demineralization and heart irregularities that may occur with high levels of training and competition.

By clicking to visit the Trusted Triathlon Tools area on its website, Rock Star Triathlete Academy members can access an instant 15% discount on SportConnexin.



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