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TriSports.com splashes out on rainwater harvesting


TriSports.com is pleased to announce the completion of its massive rainwater harvesting system on the TriSports.com building in the Butterfield Business Park, Tucson, Arizona.

The system, designed by Rob Paulus Architects and installed by Thomas Drexler of T-Drex Construction, will capture rainwater, HVAC condensation and evaporative cooler runoff.

The 2 giant stainless steel collector tanks, positioned prominently at the front of the building, have the capacity to hold a combined 36,000 gallons of water and in an average rainfall year in Tucson, the system will collect in excess of 100,000 gallons.

TriSports.com was awarded a grant from the City of Tucson Conservation Program to help off-set the cost of installation.

The decision to install rainwater harvesting was an easy one for the company to make. TriSports.com’s business model is run by a set of core values that highlights sustainability at the top of its list.

“Our rainwater harvesting system is a really great complement to the rest of our lesser seen sustainability efforts,” said Seton Claggett, President and CEO of TriSports.com.

Other sustainable programs the company has in place include utilising natural day lighting in all areas of the building, re-using over 95% of inbound order packaging and rewarding employees for bicycle commuting.

“The next step”, added Claggett, “is solar power.”

TriSports.com’s rainwater harvesting system is said to be the largest private commercial system in the Western United States. As a stop on Tucson Water’s Rainwater Harvesting Tour, the site is open to the public daily.

To watch the video tour of the system, just visit the TriSports Video channel on You Tube. More information about TriSports.com’ Retail Store can be found on the retailer’s website.




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